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Bushido is a game concept based on blockchain technology that runs on the Elrond network. The game has an Afk Battle system where the characters of the game are represented as NFTs.

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Bushido Universe

The story of the Game is inspired by Japanese history, more precisely from the Bushido period - the Way of the Warrior, but it is adapted to be translated as a story of a game universe. Also, the story created, is taken from the legend of the samurai Shinmen Takezō.

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Creator Notes

Hi, I`m Martin Stoleru, and I am the designer of this project.
With the Bushido project my university journey came to an end. Furthermore, Bushido represents the final project of my Bachelor’s Degree that I had the opportunity to create along with the assistance of my coordinating professor Aliz Pătcaș within the University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca. Personally, Bushido represents not only the end of my newbie student experience in design, but also the beginning of a new, more powerful and insightful journey. Therefore, by the time of its implementation, I succeeded in creating a project which is reflecting all my knowledge and skills.