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The story of the Game is inspired by Japanese history, more precisely from the Bushido period - the Way of the Warrior, but it is adapted to be translated as a story of a game universe. Furthermore, the story is taken from the legend of the samurai Shinmen Takezō. He was a Japanese swordsman famous for his duels and his distinctive style of fighting with two swords. He is also the author of the book "Gorin no Sho" ("The Book Of The Five Circles - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void"). Hence the elements by which NFTs are categorized in the Bushido universe, such as the book mentions: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void.

Bushido - (Way of the Warrior)  is a Japanese word that is used to describe a code of conduct of samurai warriors, a concept similar to that of chivalry. This is a moral code that emphasizes temperance, loyalty, mastery of the martial arts, and honorable death.

Starting from the story, the idea of ​​the Bushido characters design is inspired by Chibi characters from anime culture and Japanese culture. The characters are depicted as little men of stature, with big heads and eyes just to illustrate the Chibi style.

Chapter one

The Will

In 17th century Japan during a bloody war between the samurai, Shinmen Takezō, one of the most feared samurai, was defeated by a huge army, the Ashigaru, who planned to assassinate him. He was captured, but soon he managed to escape from the samurai`s hands with serious injuries. When Takezo comes back to his village he notices that his home was totally destroyed and not even a villager could be found. His only goal from that moment was to become an avenger and defeat the Ashigaru army, which destroyed his native village. After a few training sessions,  the samurai realizes that because of his injuries he will never fight like he used to. His only solution was to create on his own "the will", a handful of fighters to train and carry out his wish. He creates five fighters, each of them representing a natural element:
GI embodies the element of fire.
Rei impersonates the element of earth.
Makoto represents the element of wind.
Meiyo emblematizes the element of water.
Jin personifies the void.

For 10 years the five warriors were trained by the samurai Takezō. Seeing that he managed to teach them everything he knew about the Art of Fighting and the Art of War, he decided to say goodbye. Due to his age, he knew that his time on Earth was limited, so Takezō decided to retire to the Fuji Mountains. Knowing that there he will find his eternal home, he dies in peace as his Bushido Samurai will complete his mission.

Chapter Two

A New Beginning

After Takezō's retreat, the Bushido Samurai remain in Azuka Village to train. This village was mostly lacking of samurai and become a peaceful village in the Japan territory. Nevertheless,  GI, who is considered the leader and in charge of the five, was attacked on a cold evening by a handful of disguised samurai that came to the village specifically to attack him.

After a tough battle, GI realizes that his brothers may have suffered just as much as him. Noticing this thought, he rushes to his brothers’ home. On his way to that location, Gi observes that he is being followed by a number of samurai who had the same appearance. Shortly after, he sees an explosion in the area where his brothers were supposed to be, then he realizes that Azuka is under attack.

chapter three

Azuka Under Attack

The attack on the village has expanded, Azuka was being hit from more and more sides. It was certainly meant to target and damage the village. Knowing his brothers are in danger, GI has a rampage, willing to destroy his opponents, who will be killed without a chance. Once he arrived at the location where his brothers were supposed to be staying, he noticed that the building was destroyed, and he was surrounded by explosions and screams from the villagers. Gi realizes that he may have lost his brothers and unleashes his Fire Bushido power, a power that causes him to lose control destroying everything surrounding him. The attackers didn't even have a chance to get close to him, Gi being the strongest Bushido fighter.

Soon he is shouted at by three of his brothers who ask Gi to retreat with them. The four manage to find a secluded road that leads to the exit of Azuka Village. Once they get to a safe place, the three tell him that, just like Gi, they have been attacked by a large number of unidentified samurai. Those samurai were also the ones that destroyed the building where the 4 Gi's brothers were. Unfortunately, the building collapsed with one of them, Jin. He was left in the wreckage of the building, the other 3 escaping with minor injuries. Hearing this, Gi vows to take revenge with his brothers on those who attacked the village and retrieve their brother Jin.

chapter four

The Warriors

Meanwhile, the samurai who attacked the village retrieve Jin, who was in an unconscious state, from under the remains of the building and take him to an isolated place to recover. After a few days, Jin wakes up in a bed, in a dark room, and soon one of the attackers visit him. Due to the different appearance he had compared to the day of the Attacks, it was impossible for Jin to recognize him.

The mysterious person who greets Jin tells him what happened, claiming that his brothers abandoned him and now they are considered fugitive samurai. Furthermore, he says that the authorities of the Japan territory are after them and he has nothing to do with the attackers that resulted in his injury. Jin was always the weak link among the five, being the most easily influenced and vulnerable. After everything he hears he chooses to help the mysterious man, capturing his brothers, with the sad thought that they abandoned him in the fight.

Therefore, the five Bushido brothers were now divided into two camps: Gi, Rei, Makoto and Meiyo, the brothers who now they were considered fugitive samurai and were being hunted by all authorities because that attack was staged on them by the Ashigaru army, and Jin who was fooled to fight against his own brothers. The young samurai are seeking revenge on the Ashigaru army as they are looking for their brother. The other camp is made up of Jin and the Ashigaru army, who follow the trail of the four samurai.