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The God of water



The fisherman. He was living a good part of his life on the water, being a fisherman. Meyio has a power who can control water and he use water to create weapons, shields and other elements. But he conserve his power because he is the only one who can stop Gi’s power if he lost his control.


High Armour & High Speed
The Fire Soul



The fire soul of Takezo. Gi is the older brother, also known like the strongest Bushido, he can influence fire and destroy everyone with this ability, but if he use his Bushido power he lose the control of his body, so Takezo ordered him to use his power only in emergency situations.


High Damage
King of the forest



Also known like the king of the forest. Because of his fluffy aspect he can integrate himself in the world of animals, being the best friend of the jungle. Rei is an expert user of martial arts and his weapons are only empty arms.


High Armour & High Defense
The masked wind



Also known like The masked wind, because of his speed and ability. Makoto is one of the most expensive assassins from the Bushido universe, with his daggers and with his speed he can assassinate anyone in a few moments like a lightning.


High Speed & High Damage
The void of darkness



Leading the forces of the darkness, Jin is the captain of the Ashigaru army. He is the most vulnerable Bushido, but also he has the strongest power. Using his hands, he can attract object and influence gravity, this power makes him the strongest Bushido alive.


High Damage

How are they created?

Here’s an overview of character design process.

Step 1

Concept discovery

In order to create something unified and consistent, I created a brand and a story of the universe where the characters can play an important role in the development of the game and implicitly in the graphic quality of the project

Step 2


Because any great creation starts with small steps, I started sketching the first character ideas starting from the Chibi culture in Japan. After a few sketches, I decided which of these ideas could have potential in the game universe.

Step 3

3D Modeling

Outlining the idea even more, I moved to the digital part where I sculpted and modeled the characters. Using Blender I retopologized the characters and rigged them to use the same models in as many poses as possible.

Step 4


And the most satisfying step in this whole process is developing the characters in a scene and rendering them using textures and lights. I decided on having very bright scenes, especially relying on the light from above, this being the strongest to emphasize the characters' features.